Aravindh Raman

Researcher, Telefónica I + D

I am a researcher at Telefónica I + D. My research is in the broad area of data for networks through measuring the Internet and building next-generation content delivery architectures. Previously, I was a researcher and Professor Sir Rick Trainor Scholar at King's College London where I worked under the guidance of Prof. Nishanth Sastry. I was also a part of Queen Mary University of London with Gareth Tyson and Cambridge Computer Lab with Arjuna Sathiaseelan .


Research Interests

I am broadly interested in investigating and improvising the current day networks for a better content delivery focusing on following three domains.

Internet Measurements

Active and passive measurements to understand the pitfalls of the current Internet Infrastructure.

Social Networks

Studying social engagement and content access patterns across video streaming platforms and across demographics for determining a better content-serving architecture.

Network Architecture

Developing and deploying a reliable alternative edge architecture to serve Internet for the rural areas and a better end-user connectivity.